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The Appointment Aug 29, ’07 11:05 PM
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I am back, and after a short rest, it is almost time to leave for swimming and gymnastics. But, before we go I thought I would give you an update on the appointment.

It went ok… my doctor agreed that waiting until January (when my infusion was scheduled to be) is too long to wait. Unfortunately there is an approval process we have to go through in order to get the medicine sooner. He started the process today, but it could be a couple of months before I can get the infusion.

There were a couple other concerns…

Two of my blood tests came back funny. My MCV (mean corpuscular volume) was elevated, meaning my red blood cells are larger than normal. It could mean something as simple as anemia or something else, like liver disease. (which is a common side effect of years of taking some of my meds.) He increased a prescription that would help lower my MCV and I will have my blood checked again in a month to see if there is a change.

And my WBC (white blood count) is very low. It isn’t at dangerous low levels, but enough to be concerning I guess. It is declined even more than what it was January… so it will have to be checked again in a month. Most people with autoimmune disorders have chronic anemia, but this count is low even by those standards.

Also, I have been dropping stuff occasionally, which I tried to explain away to myself… But, that coupled with some pain (stinging, radiating pain) that seems more nerve related than swelling related means a trip to the neurologist. He said not to panic, which ummmmm, hello? Don’t most people panic when told NOT to panic? UGH. The brain dr. appt. should be some time in the next month or so too.

All of that stuff seems a wee bit more concerning when you consider the amount of weight I have lost between January and now. (17 pounds) Even I had no idea it was that much. I haven’t really changed my eating patterns, just seem to generally feel more blah about eating.

I didn’t really think about that much until I was talking to Kristi the other day and she pointed out that I still put the same amount on my plate, but I used to finish it and now I barely touch it. So, I have no explanation for that. He said it could be any of those three things causing me to have a decreased appetite, or something else entirely. YAY! How’s that for resolution?

Anywhooooo, until we get this all sorted out, he doubled my pain medication. So, I might be in freakin’ la la land over here tomorrow. More than USUAL I mean.

Thanks for all your comments and concerns, you guys have been WONDERFUL and it means so, so, SO much to me!


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