In Which I Introduce My Grandsnailies! Aug 28, ’07 11:39 PM
for Mel ‘s contacts

Thanks again to everyone that sent well wishes and encouragement yesterday… all of you are very sweet and too, too kind to me! I am feeling a wee bit better today, and doing my best to get around and read blogs and comment! Be patient with me, PLEASE!

Anyhoodle…. here are my snail babies, as promised. Firstly, I have some bad news. It was like a snail/frog horror show here yesterday… I saw some commotion in the frog snail tank, and looked over to see the frog attacking the biggest snail. I tried to intervene, but it was too late. That amphibious jerk killed my biggest snail. SO! I did some emergency housing restructuring, so that all the snails were safe. But I am thinking of moving that homicidal frog out to the big pond… let him fend for himself amongst the koi and giant goldfish. But then I think, maybe the snails were inconsiderate neighbors. Maybe the frog had enough of the snails sweet talkin each other, all the Marvin Gaye playing at the wee hours of the morning and the waves crashing around him when the snails got busy and he just snapped? Hmmmmm.

Anyway……….. can you find the baby snail?

Here is a close up for you!

They are about the size of a head of a pin!

Can you see the wee tiny baby just to the left of the big snail?

Awwww, how sweet, eh? And also sad. I am scared there won’t be anymore snail lovin/baby makin’ going on around here anymore.

So, cherish these pictures Internets! Babies grow up SOOOOO fast!


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