Wednesday Whatnots

Wednesday Whatnots *Edited to include Rikki-cell phone DRAMA!!! May 7, ’08 11:50 AM
for Mel ‘s friends, Mel ‘s family and Mel ‘s online buddies

Why do I feel the need to do a 10 thought blog on a day other than Tuesday or Thursday?  Is my subconscious being rebellious?  Hmmmmm.  That was not my first thought, because………. errrrrrr……… because this is my blog and I say so!!

1)  Carsten wore the outfit my sister Julie and her family gave her for her birthday, so I am posting this pic for Julie to see.  Isn’t she adorable?  (carsten, not julie.  though julie is sometimes adorable too.)












2)  Carsten has a new pet, a caterpillar she found in the yard.  She named him Jeff.  Yeah…. Jeff.  I have NO idea where that came from.  Every night she kisses Jeff good night (through the screen, of course) and every morning she kisses him good morning.  Every morning and night I am PRAYING that Jeff doesn’t kick the bucket… because she loves him SO much.










3)  I spent a LOOOOOOOONG time yesterday trying to figure out IF Jeff was even a caterpillar, or if he was in fact, just a freak of nature worm.  I found NOTHING.  I have no idea if Jeff is going to turn into a butterfly, or just exist in a worm like state until GEEEZUS calls him home.  Someone PLEEEEEASE tell me that they KNOW Jeff is a caterpillar.










4)    It is summer-like here… and I have felt the urge to sandal shop.  I wore mostly flip flops until a year or two ago, and now, suddenly, I am a sandal addict.  Look at a few pairs I have gotten.  I think I am done for now.  And YES.  I am following the one in, one out rule, and took bunches of stuff to the Salvation Army yesterday. 



(I KNOW.  I had NO idea I was the kinda girl that wore GLADIATOR sandals.  But I LUFF them!  WHAT? THE? EFF?)










5)  What better to travel with to MN, with all my shoes, than a shoe bag!!  So the sandals don’t get my other clothes dirty!  And lookey!  They had free embroidery!  So I put my initials on it! 










I also got a nifty little bag for my underwears…. so I don’t have to worry about all those airport luggage searchers running all their stinky fingers through my delicates!  Also, I won’t be subject to disapproving glances for my choices in understyles, should I be present for said searching!  Weeee!










6)  Back to Jeff.  I have tried 87 different kinds of leaves… and some herbs, and he seems to be on a hunger strike.  What if Jeff STARVES?!?!  I laid awake last night, thinking of poor hungry Jeff.  The imprisoned wormerpillar.  Finally this morning I had Carsten show me the tree where she found him and I got him leaves from that tree.  Cross your fingers people.  If he doesn’t eat by this afternoon, I will be making “FREE JEFF” posters to hang around the house, to help convince Carsten to release him.










7)  I am lobbying HARD to get a skinny teeny camera to take on my trip to MN.  Mother’s Day falls at a VERY convenient time!!  A mystery box arrived today, but it seems way too big to have THIS in it.




8)  What is up with unwanted lurkers?  I know that having an online journal means that a certain amount of people will find your blog and be interested in it.  But, certain people have been really bothering me lately… and have made me feel the need to change some of my settings.  And I also used the block feature today, this is only the second time I have used it.  I don’t want to hurt ANYONE’S feelings, I just felt like I had no other choice.  

9)  Today is the day I sent the heart monitor back in.  Good riddance!  I have a rash on my skin where the sticky things were.  It had went beyond annoying and into painful.  I am so glad it is over.

10)  I have been trying to do a little exercise.  Don’t freak out… it isn’t anything CRAXY like aerobics or step class or anything.  In fact this morning, I did some embarrassingly easy for normal people stretching/toning video, that is made for OLD PEOPLE.  How sad is that?  That I have to do old people exercises because my joints are like a little old ladie’s?  What is even MORE sad?  I have no hand weights, so I had to improvise.










So, when I got my new cell phone I uploaded some songs that I really like, and personalized ring tones for certain people, like Cody, Kristi, Michelle, and my sisters.  Most of the people in my contacts have a ring tone assigned to them.  I wasn’t thinking when I uploaded that new Mariah Carey song, “Touch My Body” because WHO am I going to assign THAT ringtone to???  That would be just weird if I used it for any of my friends…. so, I had a STUPID moment and decided to assign it to unavailable calls, people that are not in my contact list, because I RARELY get those.  I am on the do not call list, so I SHOULDN’T be getting them. 

So, there I am.  In the middle of the Post Office, the PACKED WITH PEOPLE Post Office, when my purse starts singing…..

“Touch my body
Put me on the floor
Wrestle me around
Play with me some more
Touch my body
Throw me on the bed
I just wanna make you feel
Like you never did.”


It took me FOREVA to find my phone, because I was all frantic and flustered and EMBARRASSED because EVERYONE in the Post Office was staring at me.

Yeah.  It was Rikki!  She came up unavailable, because she got a new phone and a new number.  GAH!  I could NOT get out of that Post Office FAST ENOUGH!


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