Hedgehog Happenings… Jul 10, ’08 6:20 PM
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I realize that I said I was not gonna blog until after the move, but I thought I better post this so you can see it, because God knows how long it will take me to find it when I am unpacking and then take a picture, and upload it, and blog.

So, anywaddle…. Cody and I went shopping for the hedgehog stuff yesterday.  I was going to get a bigger cage, but decided on this one because it had everything that I wanted and it was so darn cute. 



See?  It is shaped like a house!


Inside the cage is a litter box, a running wheel, a little bed to cuddle in and a food dish.  The grey thing and the hay colored thing are for his feet, because walking on a metal floor would prolly hurt hims feet or maybe hims foot would go thru the bars.  The grate on the bottom of the cage has small holes, but I just want to be sure one of his little feet don’t slip thru there.  I know it looks pretty crowded in the cage, but I am planning on getting a playpen for him too, that looks like this:


You can also get a bottom and top for the playpen, so that it can be used indoors and outdoors.  I would need a top outside for shade and inside to be sure the cats don’t climb in to “play” with him, and I need a bottom so that if he has an accident it doesn’t soak into the floor.  It is made out of vinyl material and in the summer I can just set it out in the yard with no bottom so he can play in the grass.



The other development is that I have decided on a name for the little guy. 

Drumroll please…………..




Pico Pricklepants!

No, NOT Pico de gallo (Rikki and Michelle!), Pico Pricklepants.  The other day I was searching a lot of words in spanish, like hedgehog, and quills, etc…  and I found the name Pico.  Pico means spike in spanish, and as soon as I read it I knew that I wanted to name him that! 

So, yay!  Now all there is left to do is GO GET HIM! (which I don’t do until the end of august… gah!  long time to wait!)


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