I’m a giver


Well, thanks to some pms and some courage given via Texter T. Turquoise (my phone)  I decided that maybe taking a break was not the right choice.  I missed you guys, and I decided I should not let a couple crazy peoples (who shall not be spoken of again) make me feel like I can’t be myself.

So, anyhoodle… there has been some stuffles going on, and I have good news and bad news.

The bad news:  Some of you that read the last blog know that Rafferty had come back to us, and I was trying to figure out what to do: either find him a new home or convince bb to let me keep him.  Well, on Saturday I went out into the garage and found Rafferty dead.  I was in total shock, he had food and water, the cage was safe and the garage was cooler than it was outside.  He had been fine at noon, and a few hours later he was just GONE. 


It was actually Carsten that found him, she went into the garage to get a juicebox from the fridge, she told me she thought he was sleeping and poked him and he didn’t move.  I wish it had been me to find him and not her.

I buried him that afternoon, Carsten and I cried.  It completely sucks, and I am just so sad.


The gliders had been given to my neighbor Shelly.  I figured even though I was not her biggest fan, she had taken care of them for us when we were gone and she claimed to love them, and ITHOUGHT she would take care of them.  Well, she decided that they were too loud and too much work.  And she had Cody tell us that she didn’t want them.


Anyway… we called a friend of Cody’s that already has a sugar glider and offered him Velcro and the glider’s cage.  He got approval from his mom and we are delivering everything to him tonight.

So, are you wondering what is going to happen to Mack?

Well, THAT is the GOOD news!

We are keeping him!!!

I went to petsmart yesterday to get Mack a new cage… and I put it together last night. 


I get him back tonight, and I am just so damn excited.  I had been regretting giving him to Shelly, and just missing him terribly.  So, maybe I should grateful for her bitchery… because it means it I get to keep my baby.  Hurray!




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