Pico!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aug 27, ’08 10:25 PM for everyone It is LOVE.  Fer sure.  Pico and me… sitting in a tree.  K-I-S-S-I-N-G and all that.  Well, maybe not kissing.  But definitely gentle cuddling.  I will save the story later (AND LOTS more pictures)… when I have more time.  I am exhausted and I have to get … More PICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Auntie Em!

Auntie Em! Auntie Em! Aug 25, ’08 10:50 AM for Mel ‘s network Why is it when I am here Wizard of Oz quotes are always in my head?  Hmmm.  Didn’t happen when I lived here. Anyhoodle…. I am here.  You prolly guessed that already.  I have been to Kristi’s, met Jill, and then went … More Auntie Em!


OMFG!!!!!!!! Aug 21, ’08 11:12 AM for Mel ‘s network When I have talked about Pico before, I have used a picture from the breeders website.  Not an actual picture of Pico.  I have been WAITING and WAITING and WAAAAAAAAITING for Laura (the breeder) to get a picture of Pico for me. Well, I opened … More OMFG!

New Roller Skates

New Roller Skates Aug 18, ’08 9:01 PM for Mel ‘s friends & their friends, Mel ‘s family & their family and Mel ‘s contacts Sooooo…. what do you do when you have been TRYING to skate on your new roller skates all afternoon, and falling onto your kiester on the pavement?   You ask your mom … More New Roller Skates

10 Questions

10 Questions. Aug 13, ’08 8:57 PM for Mel ‘s network 1) What do you like about your job? The ability to boss people around (people = my chilluns) promote myself, give myself HUGE raises, no corporate headquarters to issue stupid guidelines and restrictions, naps whenever I want (wooooot!) and most importantly…. I love my employees!  heehee … More 10 Questions

12 Tues Thoughts

  Twelve Tuesday Thoughts Aug 12, ’08 8:45 PM for Mel ‘s friends & their friends, Mel ‘s family & their family and Mel ‘s contacts Get ready for happy AND sad thoughts…. it has been awhile my beloved Internets. 1) Why is my first thought always, is it REALLY Tuesday?  You have scarred me … More 12 Tues Thoughts

Kristi’s Visit

Kristi’s Visit Aug 7, ’08 10:35 AM for you   Kristi got here in the afternoon, just a little bit after Stacey left… we were so sad that they missed seeing each other.  Next time!  They will definitely see each other next time!B stepped out of the van and she RAN to Carsten and they had … More Kristi’s Visit

HI!!! (stac)

  HI!!!!!! Aug 6, ’08 2:50 PM for Mel ‘s network GUESS WHAT?!?! I wish I could just put a GIANTOMOUS exclamation point at the top of this blog!  BECAUSE PEOPLE!  Guess who was at my house today?!?!  FOR TWO HOURS!   STACEY!!!!!!!!!!!   She just called out of the blue and said she just … More HI!!! (stac)


  I’m baaAAAAaaaaaAAaaaAaaaAck! Aug 1, ’08 1:45 PM for Mel ‘s friends, Mel ‘s family and Mel ‘s online buddies HOLA TACOS!! Guess who has arrived AND who is unpacked?!?!  Dat’s right!  It be ME!  The trip from SC to MN was AWWWWful!  I mean it!  It would just like to FORGET the whole thing happened, but unfortunately … More BACK!