HI!!! (stac)


HI!!!!!! Aug 6, ’08 2:50 PM
for Mel ‘s network


I wish I could just put a GIANTOMOUS exclamation point at the top of this blog!  BECAUSE PEOPLE!  Guess who was at my house today?!?!  FOR TWO HOURS!




She just called out of the blue and said she just left the clinic and was feeling kinda ok and so she wanted to stop by, would that be ok???




So she came over and toured the main floor of my house and then despite my protesting she also climbed the stairs and toured the second floor.  Her Mom and I demanded she take a break after that because that is a CRAXY amount of exercise for her tiny body.

Then she laid on my couch and pet my pets… I even brought out Mack so she could pet him.  And even though she wasn’t feeling stellar, it was so absolutely wonderful fabulous awesome terrific to see her!

I think Mandi and I are going to see her again this weekend!  YAY!


And NOW?!?  Kristi will be here ANY FLICKING MOMENT!  Carsten and I are so pumped to see Kristi and B and H!


Be back later (or tomorrow) with pictures of Kristi and company!


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