One Last GB

One last good-bye… Jul 23, ’08 4:15 PM for Mel ‘s network That is my moving truck and that my moving truck driver John… he is walking away from the truck after taking his OWN picture of its itghtly packedtitude.  John said that this is about as close as HE has ever come to not fitting … More One Last GB

TTFN! Jul 20, ’08 8:10 PM for Mel ‘s network Just one last little note… to remind you that I will be incommunicado for a while.  The moving truck arrives tomorrow between 8 and 10am.  I am just separating out the last of the stuff we will need for the next few days, because if I … More

Oh, these pets….

  An escape artist and I wanna be a dog groomer. Jul 19, ’08 11:20 AM for Mel ‘s network   So….. guess which little marsupial hatched an escape plan from hims new cage?!?!     that’s right!  It was little Mackey! Thursday night we discovered that he was not in his cage.  It was late by … More Oh, these pets….

Toodles Norman!

  Toodles Norman!! Jul 16, ’08 6:01 PM for users 60somthing, anney79, bnich, chalicat, debgregory, debjawa, debradiane, dj4our, djsshally, dkiss02, flthrtl2004, frankiekl, ham0904, impetua, jennyro1, jillsbiz, katiesue20, kattss, klhb, kodiakmum, kris10b, longhornfan1, maija2, mandijo20, missmagoo, mlk1227, molly0, mommeern, mommisalami, momof2girlies, mytai, oootrishooo, pickle187, pipicab, pixieduster1, potsyinaz, pumpkinsmom, rikkigal, sammiko18, sarah13198, schmoozyq, silverymoon67, slm2836, swiffy64, tally9604, … More Toodles Norman!

I’m a giver

  Well, thanks to some pms and some courage given via Texter T. Turquoise (my phone)  I decided that maybe taking a break was not the right choice.  I missed you guys, and I decided I should not let a couple crazy peoples (who shall not be spoken of again) make me feel like I can’t be … More I’m a giver


  Hedgehog Happenings… Jul 10, ’08 6:20 PM for users anney79, bnich, chalicat, debgregory, debradiane, dj4our, djsshally, dkiss02, empresspam, frankiekl, impetua, jennyro1, jillsbiz, katiesue20, kattss, klhb, kodiakmum, longhornfan1, mamaspage, mandijo20, missmagoo, mlk1227, molly0, mommisalami, momof2girlies, oootrishooo, pickle187, potsyinaz, pumpkinsmom, rikkigal, sarah13198, schmoozyq, silverymoon67, slm2836, soonert, swiffy64, tally9604, tigerlily0497, tonyasplace, windin and melgee I realize that … More HH