Toodles Norman!


Toodles Norman!! Jul 16, ’08 6:01 PM
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Since Norman staggered hims way back from Rocklahoma on Monday/Tuesday, there has been much discussion in the B household of whether or not Norman could make it to MN without stranding us by the side of the road. 

Stranded + 2 kids + 2 cats + 3 dogs + a sugar glider + 84 houseplants = Me. No. Happy.

So…. guess what Internets?!?!

Say bu-bye to Norman and hellllllllllllllllllo to Stevie!!  (Michelle named her Stevie because Stevie is made by Fleetwood – get it?  Stevie Nicks – Fleetwood Mac & also cuz Michelle is clevereven when she has a brokened back/neck and numb limbs!  Go Michelle!!)

Here was Norman:


And here is Stevie:











Here was the inside of Norman:










And here is the inside of  Stevie:

The living room –









The Master Bedroom –









The Dining Table –









The Kitchen –












The Bunk Beds –












The Bathroom –












And facing the master bedroom end of the camper, with bonus picture of Austin and his new mohawk and also Cody.









I am very happy to not have to worry about being stranded… or the air conditioning breaking, or the shower not working, or the fridge flying open in mid-travels.  Wooty! TOOT! TOOT!

Now… who wants to go camping?!?! 

(I already informed Rikki that there is enough room for her entire family to camp WITH us, so she is obligated to join us!  I say so!)


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