Oh, these pets….


An escape artist and I wanna be a dog groomer. Jul 19, ’08 11:20 AM
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So….. guess which little marsupial hatched an escape plan from hims new cage?!?!



that’s right!  It was little Mackey!

Thursday night we discovered that he was not in his cage.  It was late by the time we realized this, because Mack wakes up around 9pm and that is when he gets fed.  He is usually awake by then and hops right down to check out what is for dinner.  Or would it be breakfast?  Since he is just waking up?

Anyhooooo, at 9pm it is already really dark, so that made it very difficult to search for him. 

Remember when I lost him a LOOOONG time ago?  He was in my shirt and we were watching tv and then all of a sudden he wasn’t in my shirt anymore!!  I frantically searched for him for over an hour, only to find him sitting perfectly still in a bowl of pine cones, watching me search for him.

So, we looked for a little bit, but it was really overwhelming.  He could have been ANYWHERE.  The door to the sun room had been open ALL day.  So, we locked the cats outside and put Mack’s food in the cage, left the door open, and HOPED that he would come back to his cage.  And sure enough, at 6am I heard hims wheel at mock speed.  Woot! 

I ran in the sun room and shut the cage door… he jumped on the shelf next to me and tilted his head and looked at me… like, what’s the dealio?  Why come you are rollin all frantic like, Holmes???  (I have no idea why I imagine him talkin’ like a Australian guy tryin’ to be gangsta, I just do.)



So…. the cage needed some modifications.  Because to get out, he musta squeezed thru the bars on the side of the cage.  We ordered some wire to attach to the bars, but there isn’t enuff time for it to get here, so it was shipped to the MN house.  So, until then plastic mesh zip-tied to the cage will have to do.  (that was Kristi’s idea!  Thanks Kristi!)



So, other than Mack being Houdini-like, things are pretty much back to normal with him.  He  really seems to remember us, and in fact, has been even NICER to me than he was before!  He is all calm when I hold him, and doesn’t nibble on my fingers when I pick hims up. 

Have I mentioned that I am so happy he is back?!?!  Oh yeah… that’s right.  I have.  About 962 times.  heehee



On Thursday I was getting Starr ready for the trip, she is riding in the travel trailer with me, so I need to make sure she is clean and de-stinkedified.  She had her hair cut earlier in the summer, but her hair was getting pretty long again so I decided to give her a haircut.

The only other time I had attempted to groom her, it was a couple years ago when she could still hear and she was NOT cooperative.  She is like an elephant.  Remember that joke?  Where does an elephant eat his dinner?  WHEREVER IT WANTS TO!  If Starr doesn’t want to do something?  I can no make her.  She is bigger than me and she KNOWS this.

But now I wonder if she had just been afraid of the noise of the clippers, because now?  She is completely deaf and I did not even have to put a leash on her.  She sat still, rolled over so I could get the other side and tolerated me cutting her hair for over an hour!  She even fell asleep for a while! 



There are a couple spots that are a wee bit uneven, but I think I did a pretty good job for my first dog grooming! 

Stacey and I used to joke that we were going to open a dog grooming business together, we even joked about going to a dog grooming school in California!   I wonder if there is a school in MN?  Because I had SO much fun fixin Starr up, I didn’t want it to be over! 

There needs to be a NEW reality show called, “I wanna be a dog groomer!” where there are a bunch of people like me that want to be a dog groomer and we compete in different challenges, figuring out who will be the best at grooming!  The prize could be a scholarship to a dog grooming school!  Whatcha think Internets?


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