TTFN! Jul 20, ’08 8:10 PM
for Mel ‘s network

Just one last little note… to remind you that I will be incommunicado for a while.  The moving truck arrives tomorrow between 8 and 10am.  I am just separating out the last of the stuff we will need for the next few days, because if I don’t either pack it in the camper or squeeze it behind my DO NOT PACK THIS! sign in the ONE corner of my house, then the movers WILL pack it.  Trust me, I speak from experience.

If the size of my headache is any indication, then the chaos of moving has already ensued.  Note to self: buy more wine coolers tomorrow.

We will be leaving either Wednesday or Thursday, just as soon as they load up the truck.  We will take a few days, prolly arriving in MN on Sunday.  My telephone/internet is supposed to get installed on Monday, the 28th… BUT there is no telling when I will have unpacked all of the computer parts, so don’t expect to hear from me until around August 1st or so.

Don’t blog TOO much whilst I am away, and don’t miss me TOO much!  If you have my #, feel free to text me!!  I will try to get word to Kristi, Michelle or Rikki, (though me thinks that Rikki is still without internet)  so someone can letcha know how my EKG-ECHO goes tomorrow.

Luff you Internets!  See you on the flip side!


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