One Last GB

One last good-bye… Jul 23, ’08 4:15 PM
for Mel ‘s network

That is my moving truck and that my moving truck driver John… he is walking away from the truck after taking his OWN picture of its itghtly packedtitude. 

John said that this is about as close as HE has ever come to not fitting everything in. 

First time I have come this close TOO, John. 

All morning I kept nervously looking at the room left in the trailer and then looking at how much they still had left to put inside the trailer.  I admit it… I had doubts.  BIG, ugly, monsterous doubts.

But, yay… John and crew are the kings of trailer packing. 

I bet they are really good at puzzles.

So, all that is left is to pick Carsten up from the Y (which bb is doing now) and then load the plants into the back of the pick-up and load the doggies into the trailer. (

Thtat reminds me… Starr nearly broke my foot when I tried to give her a bath, I guess she did NOT want a bath today, but with a little help I was able to tether her to the porch and hobble around her washing her.  Holy mother of Smurfs she is a muy grande doggie!  And my foot is now giant, puffy and red.

So, within an hour or so we will be off, and this time I really will be without internet, unless we hit a hotspot or until my new internet is installed.

Have a good week Internets!


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