Kristi’s Visit

Kristi’s Visit Aug 7, ’08 10:35 AM
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Kristi got here in the afternoon, just a little bit after Stacey left… we were so sad that they missed seeing each other.  Next time!  They will definitely see each other next time!B stepped out of the van and she RAN to Carsten and they had a running to each other hug.  So then Kristi and I HAD to have a running to each other hug too!  heehee

The kids started playing IMMEDIATELY!



We don’t have many outside boy toys, but H did not seem to mind the pink and green scooter, or the BARBIE scooter that I can see out the front door that he is riding this. very. moment.



They were SO adorable out there.  Riding AROUND and AROUND and AROUND the cul de sac.  They even got to meet some of the neighbors and their kids… the next door neighbor told me that B ran up and said, “MY NAME IS B AND CARSTEN IS MY VERY BEST FRIEND!!!” and then ran away.  haha  Later I looked out the window and saw the other neighbor washing his car and B enjoying BLOWING the water down the curb.  YES PEOPLE.  On her knees… BLOWING the water down the street.  That girl is nuts.  haha



Kristi’s cousins Steph and Tawnia came over to visit, we had a dinner of Potsy’s Pretzel Chicken and my hashbrown casserole.  We had nummy cupcakes for dessert, I will have to post that recipe in my review section because you will NOT believe what is IN them and how DELICIOUS they are…. but I digress.

Right about then Deb came by!  We could not make her eat dinner with us, but she had a cupcake AND?  She brought us MARGARITA stuff!  Nummy!  So, we commenced making margaritas!  SIDE NOTE!  Happy Birthday DEB!!  Everyone go tell Deb HAPPY BIRTHDAY today!!


Then we posed for lots of pictures!  Which became harder and harder as the night went on and we had MORE margaritas! 



Steph doing “the VOGUE”!!!



Awwww ~ aren’t they sweet?!?






















It was SO SO SOOOOOOO good to see Kristi again.  I am trying so hard not to say a WORD today, because she was going to leave this morning and she is still here… I am afraid she is going to leave soon. 













Every time I see her I am reminded how VERY VERY lucky I am to have found her.  I just wish she could stay forever and forever.


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