12 Tues Thoughts


Twelve Tuesday Thoughts Aug 12, ’08 8:45 PM
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Get ready for happy AND sad thoughts…. it has been awhile my beloved Internets.

1) Why is my first thought always, is it REALLY Tuesday?  You have scarred me internets, with your mocking when I post a Tuesday Thought blog on a Wednesday.

2) Tomorrow is my Mom’s birthday.  Get ready for an EARLY wake up call Mom!  I MUST be first this year!  (everyone in my family competes to see who calls first on someones birthday.  yes.  there IS something wrong with us.)

3) Thursday is the anniversary of Michelle’s (my childhood best friend) death.  I dread that day.  (If you don’t know what I am taking about, you can read the blog here.)  This year will be easier though, because Michelle’s mom called me tonight, and she is coming to visit me this week!  Though we talk at least once a year, I have not seen her since the day of the funeral.  The best part is that she is bringing Michelle’s daughter and sister with her.  I am so excited to see them!

4)  I am single mom’ing it again this week, and next week I will too.  I swear Carsten gets harder to parent when I am alone.  Tonight she asked me 376 questions about the dinner I was making, questions like, what do Apple Pancakes taste like?  Ooooh, I DON’T KNOW.  Mayhap APPLES! and PANCAKES!  GGGAAAHHH!

5)  I have been feeling totally shitty lately.  I can’t stop clenching my teeth, it hurts so much the clenching is involuntary, I tell myself hundreds of times a day to stop clenching. 

6)  My first VA appt is September 8th, that is SOON!  And they made sure I had enough medication, and gave me the phone number to call back if there was anything I needed before the 8th.  CANYOUBELIEVETHAT?  

7)  Carsten is taking a class this week, it is called Mad Scientist, crazy chemworks.  I have never seen a kid so pumped about Science.  It is kinda freaking me out.  She wants to do all sorts of experiments at home, and I am at a loss.  So far, I have stopped myself from asking her if she wouldn’t rather go shoe shopping.

8)  I got an iphone!  WOOOOOT!  I luff him.  Hims needs a name though.  He looks like this:  Any ideas?




9)  MN requires you to retake the driver’s exam in order to get a license here.   Can’t wait.  Nothing like failing your driver’s test when you are 33.   SUPER!!

10)  Minnesota nice, isn’t that the state motto?  It is true. Almost all of the neighbors have introduced themselves to us, and been so welcoming.  And there is a neighborhood block party this weekend, in MY cul de sac.

11)  There is a guy that runs with his dog on the walk path behind my house that looks like Lance Armstrong.  I am afraid you won’t grasp the accuracy of my statement without a picture.  For reals… Lance’s twin brother owns a large dog, runs past my house and is VERY talkative.  Anyone know a non-awkward way to snap someones picture in the middle of a conversation?

12)  My movers were disturbed people.  After a few days being here, I realized that everyday when I went to get dressed I was finding socks in my underwear drawer, underwear in my bra drawer, and bras in my sock drawer, and so on… I can see NO logical reason for them doing that.  I could see if one drawer was not as full and they transferred some stuff to make them equal, but why were they just swapping my unmentionables into different locations?  I cannot stop imagining some big burly men trying on my bras when I was in the other room, or rubbing them on their faces or SOMETHING!  GAH!   I am off to dump all three drawers into the washing machine and THEN crack open my skull and scrub my brain!


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