10 Questions

10 Questions. Aug 13, ’08 8:57 PM
for Mel ‘s network

1) What do you like about your job? The ability to boss people around (people = my chilluns) promote myself, give myself HUGE raises, no corporate headquarters to issue stupid guidelines and restrictions, naps whenever I want (wooooot!) and most importantly…. I love my employees!  heehee

2) Favorite song/group/music type? My favorite song right now is Love Remains the Same by Gavin Rossdale
3) What nicknames have you had and why? Before my little sisters could say my name they called me Me-me.  After they stopped calling me that people started calling me Mel, and that has stuck with me ever since.

4) Favorite car and why? My favorite car is the one that I have!  The Volkswagon Touareg.  It is the coolest car EVAH!

5)  If you could pick one superpower what would it be?  I am going to have to go with the ability to make sure some people get what they deserve.  This superpower would be twofold, one part would be to be able to reward people who do good things or are just wonderful people, and the other part would to have the ability to inflict karma on people.  Dangerous, torturous, MEAN karma!  The best kind!  Or wait… good karma is the best kind.  I guess.  Whatever.
6) Dream vacation spot? Somewhere with really blue water, really warm weather and really big margaritas.

7) Dream date? If you are dreaming can you really call it a date?  I think not.

8) Best friend and why? If you don’t know who my best friend is call your doctor, because something is SERIOUSLY wrong with you.  Why? (that would be why is she my bf, not why is something wrong with you because you can’t remember.  i have no idea what is wrong with you, besides the fact that your memory sucks.)   Hmmm… let’s see.  She is my bf because she is kind, compassionate, hilarious, beautiful, strong, emotional, supportive, inspiring, intelligent and wonderful.  Oh, and also because she thinks I am not a dork.

9) What was the best job you ever had and why?   The best job I ever had was being awesome.  Because the hours are great, I am extremely gifted at it, it has fantastic benefits and I never have to retire.

10) Last lie you told, to whom, and why? Earlier I shouted ouch! from the office when Cody first scratched my finger with his talon like claws (nails) and then backed over my toes with the office chair.  I came into the kitchen, where Carsten was eating dinner, and she asked me what happened.  I said I got scratched and then my toes got ran over by the office chair.  She asked me if Mack did it.  I said yes.


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