New Roller Skates

New Roller Skates Aug 18, ’08 9:01 PM
for Mel ‘s friends & their friends, Mel ‘s family & their family and Mel ‘s contacts

Sooooo…. what do you do when you have been TRYING to skate on your new roller skates all afternoon, and falling onto your kiester on the pavement?


You ask your mom to attach a pillow to your hiney with a belt.  That’s what.




She almost didn’t make it out of the garage.  “This is SOOOO embarwwassing Mom!!”


I think here is where I was supposed to reassure her that it WASN’T embarassing.  Oops.


“But it IS better than a bwroken BUTT!!” 

And with that said, off she went.












And woot!  She skated A LOT longer!  And she was RIGHT! 


ps.  Kristi, Carsten wants B to know that she should wear a pillow too, when she skates on the skates Carsten gave her.  So she doesn’t break her butt either.


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