Pico!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aug 27, ’08 10:25 PM
for everyone

It is LOVE.  Fer sure.  Pico and me… sitting in a tree.  K-I-S-S-I-N-G and all that. 

Well, maybe not kissing.  But definitely gentle cuddling. 

I will save the story later (AND LOTS more pictures)… when I have more time.  I am exhausted and I have to get up early tomorrow morning.  But, for now, here is the short version.



Once upon a Wednesday,

I picked up Pico.

It was LUFFFFFFFF at first sight.

A LOT of luff!

We are home. 

It was a LOOONG day.

Pico gets carsick. 

Poor Pico.










Did I mention I LUFFFFFFF him?

I do.

The End.



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