Come with me to babbletown….

Come with me to babbletown… Sep 3, ’08 2:25 PM
for everyone

Hi.  Remember me?

I have been neglecting you Internets.  I am sorry.  So, here I am, with some updates. 

Confession time.  I am feeling like crap biscuits ran over by a cement truck and a street sweeper and then fried in the texas sun.  Or something.  I don’t feel good.  AT ALL.  I’d like to thank sweetbabyjesus for my appt at the VA this friday because I. NEED. SOMETHING.  I am out of two meds, and the stupid SC va will not refill my prescriptions.  Any lapse in medication and my ra sees an opportunity to assault me.  Everything hurts.  Know how it feels when you ram your elbow on something and you get that stingy shooting pain that is a dull ache and a sharp stab all at the same time?  That is what I am feeling in almost EVERY place that bends.  It is not fun.  I know it is getting bad because I have been running a fever the past few days… I am sweating and shivering at the same time.  I feel queasy and then I am starving.  My head hurts from clenching my teeth.  I am not sleeping very much.  When I do sleep?  I have STRANGE dreams.  I don’t know WHAT the hell that is about.  I dreamt I lived next door to P Diddy.  I dreamt Carsten drown.  I dreamt I was on the run from used car salesmen who were trying to take my car and kill me.  Don’t ask me.  I have NO idea.  I just wanna feel better.  SOON.  I have to.  Or MN winter might eff me up BIG TIME.

School starts tomorrow.  Hallelujah and yay and wooooooot!  I am worried for the kids, and I hope their first days go really well.  Especially Cody, because Carsten is young enough to make friends in five minutes.  (remember?  her friendship formula?  maybe cody should just try THAT?  HI! My name is Cody!  C-O-D-Y!  Cody!  haha)  But, the bad mommy side of me is so excited that I will not be woke up from a nap to change a channel to spongebob or have to be a short order cook everyday at lunchtime or to have to answer 97 questions about opposable thumbs in one day.

I have a new pet!  No… not really.  He is a wild animal, and shall remain so because I am skeered I would kill him if I tried to wrestle hims into captivity. Hims is livin’ on my front porch in a pot.  Isn’t he the cutest?!?!



Hmmm…. what else?

Cody hates it when I use words like “nor” or “shall”.  He says the next thing I am going to do is start calling him a whippersnapper and invite people into ye ole house for some vittles.  What the eff?  Does he think I am a medival cowboy old person?  Whatevs whippersnapper.  I shall be using all of those words whenever the chance may arrive.  Yee-haw.

Guess what?  I learned how to make a scarf!  Oops!  Now everyone knows what they are getting for Christmas!!  I am making TWO right. NOW.  I am WAAAAAAY more excited than a normal person should be about the ability to make a scarf!  I have NO idea why it delights me so, BUT! IT! DOES!  I was even teaching Aunna how to do it!  She did a whole row for me!  Go Aunna, future scarf maker!

Lastly…. even though I have felt like shrink wrapped crap the past week, Pico has been a little source of happiness.  He makes me laugh each and every time I interact with him.  He is such a little character.  This week he discovered the joy of hunting crickets, and developed some funny playing habits.  He ignores his wheel (which is Mack’s FAVORITE thing) and instead spends the most time flipping his bed over his head and walking around under it.  Like a little kid playing ghost.  I can sit and watch him for hours.  He is the greatest hedgehog ever


Well, I am not sure how many of you read through this whole blog.  I had a lot to say…. sorry about that.  I promise to TRY not to wait so long next time!


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