First Day of School 2008

First Day of School…. Sep 4, ’08 1:35 PM
for Mel ‘s network

Also known as Mommy’s first day of freedom.  heehee

Cody looked skeered this morning.  I dropped him off and he walked sloOOooOOOooOoOwly up to the door of the school.  I hope today goes ok.  I know he makes friends quickly, he is a great kid, has a very good sense of humor and is so fun to be around.  He gets all of that from me, of course.  Thankyouverymuch.

He said, “I have camera fear” this morning, but I forced him to have his picture taken anyway.  Don’t worry, he did put on shoes before going to school.


I woke Carsten up, and she was so excited to get ready for school.  I set her hair in rollers last night so it would be extra curly/wavey today.  As we were getting her ready she asked me if I could take extra medicine so I could walk her to school today.  Awwww.  How can I say No to that?!?!  So, we dug out her sweater (because it was in the 50’s this morning People!  GAH! Brrrrrr!) and we walked her to school.  I took her picture while we were on the walk path.




It only took about 5-10 minutes to walk her there.  This is our view on the walk.



I waited inside the door of the school with her, until Presley, her little friend from our neighborhood, came in the door.  Then she told me, “Presely is here.  You can go home now Mommy.”  Ok.  😦

Today I realized that my VA appt is Monday, not tomorrow.  Gah.  But, I did have my first chiropracter appt this morning, and it helped me feel better a little bit.  Thanks for all your nice comments.  You guys are so sweet.


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