Infusion Day

infusion day Oct 27, ’08 2:50 PM for Mel ‘s network I’m at the va, IV in my right arm…. Which makes thumbin in a blog kinda diff-eeee-cult. Anyway…. Been here since 8:30am. The IV was supposed to run for 4 hours, but here I am six hours later, still not done. My blood prsseure … More Infusion Day

Bad weekend

My (not so great) weekend Oct 13, ’08 12:57 PM for users abbypat, anney79, bnich, brendakresak, chalicat, dannigirl06, debgregory, debjawa, debradiane, dj4our, djsshally, dkiss02, empresspam, flthrtl2004, ham0904, imnuckingfuts, impetua, jennyro1, katiesue20, lisa0575, longhornfan1, mamaspage, mandijo20, missmagoo, mlk1227, molly0, mommeern, mommisalami, momof2girlies, nymitchell, oootrishooo, pickle187, pixieduster1, potsyinaz, pumpkinsmom, rikkigal, sarah13198, schmoozyq, sebastian3, shorte75, slm2836, swiffy64, tally9604, … More Bad weekend

A happier blog

A Happier Blog Oct 10, ’08 5:50 PM for Mel ‘s network * The Yellow Finches in my ‘hood have a suicide pact.  Death by window.  MY window.  I have tried standing out there yelling “Attention FINCHES!  There is a window here!” That didn’t work.  I could not find anything to hang near the window to … More A happier blog

The Big Day

The Big Day Oct 8, ’08 5:35 PM for Mel ‘s network   Soooo…. yesterday was THE doctor appointment.  T-H-E big reunion with my favoritest doctor ever… the one I have not seen for EIGHT years.  I was nervous on the way there… thinking about what I would do and how I would feel if she had no … More The Big Day


Meet Moose!    He is the teeniest, tiniest, sweetest and most adorablest wittle puppy ever!!! He became my little baby yesterday and I lub him VERY VERY much!!       Isn’t he the cutest thing EVAH?!?!