10 thoughts

Ten Thoughts for Wednesday Dec 17, ’08 9:25 PM
for Mel ‘s friends and Mel ‘s online buddies

1)  Supposed to snow here AGAIN tomorrow.  Ummmm…. I have had enough snow for now Old Man Winter…. please stop.

2)  We got a snowblower.  It has a cord.  Acuz I no can start things with pull cords or confusing gas procedures.  (i.e. remembering I NEED gas in it to make it run)  Anyhoooo, cords + me = me no happy 

3)  Seriously Internets… I should sell tickets to my driveway show.  It goes a little like this:

Mel snowblows one row.  Mel runs over cord.  Mel swears.  Mel whips cord across driveway.  Cord disconnects from snowblower and forces Mel to take off gloves to reinsert cord into outlet.  Mel swears some more.  Mel can’t feel fingers.  Mel snowblows another row……. etc, etc…..

4)  Did I tell you that Moose graduated from Puppy Kindergarten?  His final exam was an Agility Course.  The whole class practiced the week before, but Moose and I were not there because I was treatment-sick.  The teacher (who did NOT like me) only let us go through the course one time before we did the exam and I was sooooooo SKEERED!  Most of the obstacles were set up for much larger puppies, and I was afraid Moose (or, ok, I was worried about ME too) would freeze.  But!  Internets!  He totally kicked that course’s ASS!  So, he graduated AND the teacher gave us the MOST improved award!!

5)  I was so impressed by Moose’s enthusiasm and performance that we signed up for an agility course that starts in January!

6)  I am going to KS and OK right after Christmas… we leave the 26th and won’t be back until around the 4th of January.  I get to see The Pickle Family!  Weeeeeeeee!

7)  Cody turns 14 on January 2nd.  14 PEOPLE.  OMeffingG!  I can’t believe he is going to be 14 ALREADY! 

8)  Only 48 hours until Michelle gets here!!!  My wallet is cowering in the corner in fear of the shopping I am about to subject it to!  Mwahahahahahahahahahaha!

9)  Speaking of Michelle!  She sent me a present in the mail!  It was a calendar from Snapfish, that she created for me by stealing pictures from my Mult albums.  She is wicked mean tho, remember that crazy alcoholic indian chief that permanently scarred me when he accused me of stealing his soul by taking a pic with him in that karaoke bar in TN whenever I was on that trip to TN with Michelle and Kevin?  (longest! sentence! ever!)  She made him all THREE pictures in the month of FEBRUARY!  My favorite month, becuz it is when my birthday is and now I will have NIGHTMARES about Chief and his soul ALL. MONTH. LONG.

10)   I saved the best thought for last!  I talked to Stac tonight and she is feeling so much better!  Her appetite is back, and now she only has to go to the clinic every third day!  She had a bunch of other news… but she is gonna update soon, so I won’t do it for her.  But, just hearing how much better she is just from a WEEK ago was like a hug from Jesus!  heehee


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