Thanksgiving and the Anne lunch!

Thanksgiving and the Anne lunch! Dec 3, ’08 11:42 AM
for Mel ‘s friends and Mel ‘s online buddies


Picture blog!  weeeeeeee!  (isn’t my G-ma cute?!?!)Thanksgiving went well, lots of food and it went by so fast.  Everything was delicious and I ate waaaaaaaaaaay too much! 

I picked up my G-ma on Wednesday, drove all the way up past Bemidji, MN and back in one day.  Whew.  I was tired.  Moose came with me, so he helped pass the time by making me open my window every 10 mins because he was farting.  Good times.

Thursday morning my sister Cara and her gf Sadie arrived, and then my sister Julie and her husband Brian and my niece Jenna. 


After we ate we just sat around and read the paper and Sadie and I planned our attack for the next day’s shopping trip.  And we also drank.  And napped.  And played Balderdash, word of advice, don’t ever play Balderdash with Sadie or Cody, they make up some good shit.



And also took pictures, because I take LOTS of pictures.



My dog niece, Miko.



Friday was my lunch with Anne, Anne’s husband Ben, Mandi and Michelle.  I brought Cody along because he and Ben get along really well, so Cody was excited to see him again and talk about man stuff.  Lunch went waaay too fast, and then I forced Ben and Cody to take oodles of pictures of us, because we are ALL picky about which picture we like of ourselves, and also because men are not as good at taking pictures, lots of them were blurry.  Also?  Rarely a minute goes by when ONE of us is not goofing around, so it takes A LOT of pictures to get ONE. NORMAL. PICTURE.


Saturday afternoon Cara and I took a roadtrip back to BFN to take G-ma back.  We stayed overnight at G-ma’s house, spooning on the futon in G-ma’s living room.  Ok, we didn’t really spoon, but I wanted to.  G-ma has lots of scary clowns in her apartment.


Cara liked them though… A LOT.  So much so that she apparantely slept with the clown, which is how it ended up wrapped around my head in the middle of the night.  Although, I am NOT sure how exactly the same clown got IN BETWEEN my pillows at one point.  Maybe the Internets should ask Cara about that?



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