What I am up to.

What I am up to! Nov 24, ’08 9:30 PM
for Mel ‘s network

Hola tacos!

Thanksgiving is aaaaaaaaaalmost here!  Poor turkeys.  I am sorry turkeys of the world.  I apologize in advance for eating you.

Anyway… tomorrow is pet day here… cleaning the cages of the animals in my zoo and bathing and blow-drying my doggies.  Yes, blow-drying.  Shut up.  They like it.

Speaking of liking it! 

Murphy was all dressed up in his winter attire this weekend.  There was a little snow, and he wanted to dance in the fresh powder, so I dressed him up.  He likes boots.   (he gets that from me)











So, now… on to my Thanksgiving preparations! 

A while back I bought some place card holders… why you ask?  Because they were hedgehogs.  THAT’S acuz why.

So, wouldn’t they be cute for Thanksgiving?  I thought so TOO!  But?  Tar-ghay has no more hedgehog holder thingers.  BUT?  I do find some woodland creature christmas tree ornaments… so today?  I made my OWN place card holders!  (disclaimer:  two people I showed these pics to thought I made the actual woodland creature (WC) . Focus Internets.  I bent the wire and stuck it inthe WC…. I played NO part in the actual creation of the WC.)

WC’s in their box.









My work station.  Oooo!  Me so crafty!









WARNING!  Optical illusion ahead!  I SAA-WEAR that it looks like this squirrel is floating.  Whatchu think?











OOOoooOoO!  Floating squirrel!  Scary!  Call Paranormal State!  (will anyone but Sarah think that is funny??)


Am I boring you?  Probably, so this is what they turned out like:











Then I made little place cards outta business cards and some decorative leaves.  Oh, and also glue.  And I used a marker too.












I likey decorating tables… have I told you that Internets?  Well, I do.  That is why my Thanksgiving table is already set.  And also cuz tomorrow is pet day and then Wednesday is drive almost all the way to Canada to pick up G-ma day.












Doesn’t it look purty?


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