Ten Thought Friday

Ten Thought Friday Nov 21, ’08 9:20 AM
for Mel ‘s network

1) I started this yesterday…. but didn’t finish it.  You know how much I hate the idea of doing a ten thought blog on a day that doesn’t start with a T, RIGHT?

2)  Yesterday was a better day…. in fact, it was a pretty good day!  I was able to get some stuff done, and all in all?  I was pretty friggen happy all day long.

3)  Michelle is coming to visit me!!  In 4 weeks and 11 hours and 22 minutes!  People… do you HEAR my credit cards screaming?  You WILL.  Mlk and I are gonna get our SHOP ON.

4)  Minnesota nice = Losing your daughter’s mitten in Target and by the time you make it to the service counter to report it missing, a nice old lady has already turned it in.

5)  Speaking of Target!  (my favorite place on earth!)  Have you EVER seen the Target lady on SNL?

I tried to embed a link, but it no workey. http://www.nbc.com/Saturday_Night_Live/video/clips/target-lady/227541/


I have a Target lady!  Except, errrrrrrrr, it is a man.  haha.  The other day I swore he was about to leave the line to go find a chicken salad sandwich like mine.  He tells me random things like what time the bus comes through his neighborhood just like the SNL Target lady.  I keep throwing in references like, “I did it!!” when my credit card is approved, but I don’t think he realizes he is the Target lady.  I am gonna keep trying though.

6)  I got my hair colored!  Aren’t I adorable?


7)  My new hair lady is PERFECT.  She is sarcastic, and slightly evil… in a good way!  Like me!  I found her totally random like… about the equivalent to closing my eyes and pointing at the phone book, ‘cept I used the internet.

8)  I can’t believe Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK!  GAH!  So much to do!  I am going to Northern MN next week (you can spit and hit Canada) to pick up my Grandma.  Moosey is road-tripping with me because my G-ma is super excited to meet him!

9)  It is friggen cold here.  WHY did I think I could do this?  I wore a dress and tights yesterday and about died a horrible death.  My limbs had headaches.  Does that make sense?  The wind was whippin and I had a headache in my ass.  BECAUSE IT IS LIKE ANTARCTICA HERE PEOPLE. 

10)  I am going to import some old (OLD) blogs from 360 today.  I think I can date them from when they were originally posted…  so I am going to try that.  I realized that the first blogs I ever wrote did not make the transfer over here… and they were mostly about my RA.  (since that is why I started blogging)  I thought it might be nice for some of my newer friends to read.  Or not.  Take it or leave it…. up to you.


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