Mike and Brandi

Prayers Needed For Mike and Brandi Nov 21, ’08 8:32 PM
for everyone

 Brandi called me tonight and asked that I post this for her as she has not had a chance to do so herself.

Last Sunday Mike was driving home from a job with a co-worker… it was a long job and a long drive home.  Mike was a passenger and his co-worker was the driver… they were both very tired and Mike fell asleep and then unfortunately so did his co-worker.  They crashed into the back of an 18-wheeler.

Mike broke his femur (the bone between your knee and thigh).  Brandi said the doctors called the femur “the un-breakable bone”, so Mike must be an over-achiever because it was a pretty serious break.  They tried to put a rod in, but the bone was pretty splintered so they ended up putting it back together kind of like a sandwich… hoping it will heal.

Mike wasn’t doing so well at first, and had to have two blood transfusions… he is better today, but the doctors are not sure when they will release him from the hospital.  Brandi has been staying with him since Sunday.  The kids are staying with their Grandma and Aunt.

If you remember, it was this time last year that Mike hurt his arm at work and had to have surgery.  Brandi joked that he needs to be locked in a padded room this time of year.

Brandi was in good spirits, but she really wanted me to get the word out so that all of you would pray for Mike… and for her.

Please stop by her page http://longhornfan1.multiply.com/  to leave her some love and start praying!  Thanks everyone!

* I took notes while Brandi was talking and I hope I got everything right….Brandi, I am sorry if I got anything wrong! 


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