For Her


For her. May 29, ’09 9:00 PM
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The hours, days and months

pass in a blur.

Time is a train speeding by,

and my feet are frozen to the platform.

I wonder if you knew,

the harm you would do

with your choice.

His side or mine.

It should have been so easy.

I held your heart gently,

he threw it away.


It was he who won your loyalty.


Do you think of me?

Do you catch yourself thinking

I can’t wait to tell her….

Wait until she hears…

Before you remember

We don’t speak,


I have cried until my stomach


up into knots.

Until the tears make my face

feel red and raw.

I am standing unprotected

in a harsh winter wind

and it’s cold here without you.

I don’t know how

to get back to where we were.

Maybe there isn’t a way back.

The hurt and anger,

sadness and frustration

blocking us

from finding the way.

Back to each other,

back to the way it was.

I think of you often,

fond memories

played on repeat

in my mind.

The happiness so vivid

it helps me forget

how long it has been,

since I saw your face

or heard you laugh.


I hope you have found happiness,

even though it was without me

by your side.


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