Ten Things Thursday

Ten Things Thursday May 28, ’09 9:35 AM
for Mel ‘s network

1.  Someone please remind me why I have pets.  Cody must have let Charlie in this morning when he went to school…. and SOMEHOW did NOT notice the GINORMOUS bird in his mouth.  Then, like a good cat brother, he let Moose have his robin.  I wake up an hour later to chunks of bird EVERYWHERE.  *Urp.

2.  We went camping last weekend, first camping trip of the season.  We went to an awesome campground that had a petting zoo.  I fell in love with a llama named Chad.

3.  Guess what?  Next weekend Stacey and I are going camping TOGETHER!  I got us two camping slots next to each other at the same campground.  Besides the petting zoo there is mini-golf, pony rides, horseback riding, paddle boats, and great playgrounds.

4.  I don’t think I will take my dog Max camping again…. maybe EVER.  I am convinced he is schizophrenic.  When he was in the camper and you opened the door he would knock you down trying to get out, then when he was outside and you opened the door he would trample you trying to get in.  GAH!  He was twitchy and jumpy and WHINY and I almost un-clipped his leash and set him free.

5.  I had my first day of real work at the zoo last weekend… and despite the fact that (besides one person) all my co-workers are in high school or college, I had a really great time. 

6.  Lunch break conversation was awkward… my co-workers were talking about riding the bus in……….. wait for it…………….. MIDDLE SCHOOL.  Surprisingly, I had nothing to add to the conversation.  I didn’t want to start a sentence with…… 20 years ago when I was in middle school….

7.  While working in the chicken coop I had a parent say to me about there 3 or 4 yr old daughter… “Sasha had an egg for breakfast last week and wanted to know why there wasn’t a chick in her egg, can you explain to her why?”  Errrrrrrrrr….. ummmmmmmm…. I quickly decided she was too young for the fertilization talk, so I said… The hen was not married to a rooster, she has to be married to a rooster for their to be a chick inside their egg.  Quick thinking, eh?

8.  I have a favorite cow.  But she does not like me.  Twice on Saturday she threw alfalfa at me and I was covered from my hair to my shoes with hay.  Good times.  Like a dumb ass I still stand by her tho.  You’d understand if you saw her, she is awfully cute.

9.  Cody got asked out on his first date the other day!  She is REALLY cute! They are going to a movie on Saturday.

10.  My friend Carrie is coming over for a sleepover this weekend.  We are going to get silly stupid on margaritas (she has requested I make THREE batches since we drank through TWO batches the last time she came over) and eat lots of food.  Sounds like a good plan, no?


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