Weird Fact Wednesday


Weird Facts Wednesday Mar 25, ’09 12:20 PM
for Mel ‘s network

I am thinking I might blog every single day… until all of you people come back.  Just say NO to Facebook!  heehee  Or at least spend equal time over here!  I miss you guys!

Well, on with my weird facts…. it is Wednesday…. right???

1)  I must wear socks.  Even if it is summer and I am going out and planning to wear sandals, I will wear socks until the moment I have to put on sandals.

2)  Being barefoot eeps me out… I cannot stand stepping on a crumb, it makes me itchy inside.

3)  I must wear TIGHT socks to bed.  Sometimes this means trying on 2-4 pairs of socks, trying to find a tight enough pair.

4)  The ice on the pond is melting and there are large open parts of water now… and there are seagulls flying all around.  That freaks me out and I don’t know why.  Just seems weird to see gaggles of seagulls flying over my house.  In Minnesota.  In March.

5)  I love getting socks as a present.  For Christmas or my birthday, someone in my family always gives me socks.  Thanks family!!

6)  I am thinking I may have some kind of weird OCD-like obsession with socks.  You think?

7)  I will never attempt at home waxing again.  SBJ…  do NOT ask.

8)  My dog Max refuses to make eye contact in pictures.


9)  If it were possible to diagnose dogs with OCD, he would have it…. he obsessively cleans the ears of the other dogs, and is very particular about which spot of carpet he licks.  FOR HOURS.

10)  I am very good at typing and my children recognize this and take great pride in this fact… IfTHAT isn’t weird, then I don’t know what is.


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