Happy Birthday Carsten!


Happy Birthday Carsten! Apr 29, ’09 4:30 PM
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Today is the BIG day!  The day she has been counting down to since the day after Christmas!  She woke up this morning before I did… and promptly created a gimoungo mess out Pixos, one of the presents that Michelle sent her.  Those sticky beads and water spray are sooooooooooo fun to clean up!  They attach to EVERYTHING!  I even found a couple in Moose’s whiskers! Thanks Michelle! 

Anyway…. here is what she looked like before school.  Btw, I had to wait for her to pose for this picture, in case you can’t tell.


Didn’t her hair look cute?


She had pancakes for breakfast and then we left to go pick up her cupcakes.  I was trying to take pics of her in the car, to make her laugh.











Look!  Success!

I made her muffins this afternoon, picked her up from school (along with Presley.  yah.  Tell ya about THAT later.)  They immediately started playing with the Pixos (little sticky balls of evil) again. 



Now they are outside riding bikes… in raincoats and rain boots.

My sister Cara is coming to surprise her, and to go out to eat with us at Carsten’s favorite restaurant.  No cake today… she requested a candle in her dessert at dinner.  Then we will come back home for present opening.

Here is one last picture of the birthday girl, with another present from Michelle… a webkinz Dolphin that she named Flippy.




How’d she get to be 8 so soon?


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