Ugh. Apr 28, ’09 1:10 PM
for Mel ‘s network

The infusion was yesterday… it went well, and was uneventful.  They had to stick me twice because my veins are “little” and they like “to roll around”.  Fantastic.  Can’t wait to do this every month.

Anyway… even before the med was done I started feeling achy.  It was weird, it was like I could feel it spreading through my body, making me feel shitty.  The worst ache is in my back, neck and arms.  It feels like a bagillion bee stings.

Also?  I can’t keep anything down.  Not even gummy worms.  We all know how much I love me some candy…. and none of it will stay in my tummy.  Don’t worry I have tried things BESIDES candy too, and they don’t stay either.

I hope this goes away soon… because I have to do this all over again on May 11th.  And also?  Tomorrow is Carsten’s birthday and I have to feel better for her…. guess I might have to fake it until I make it. 


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