How to know when you have too many pets

How to Know When You Have Too Many Pets. Apr 23, ’09 5:08 PM
for everyone

1.  You shampoo your carpets and the carpet shampooer gives birth to a litter of kittens… which actually turn out NOT to be kittens, but instead, GIANT. HAIRBALLS.

2.  The End



Dear Makers of the Dyson Pet Vacuum, 

I want my money back.  I am sending you a litter of kittens that my carpet shampooer gave birth too, as proof that your vacuum sucks.  Or wait.  Proof it doesn’t actually SUCK as in –  suck up dirt, but suck as in SWEETBABYJESUS why did I pay so much money for this effer when it doesn’t pick up any pet hair? kinda suck. 




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