Wednesday Whatnots

Wednesday Whatnots Apr 22, ’09 5:30 PM
for Mel ‘s network

1.  I sent out Carsten’s birthday party invites yesterday and ALREADY had two rsvp’s!  Way to go northern people!  You know how to rsvp! 

2.  We are bringing the camper to the driveway and Carsten is having a birthday party camp-out.  We are going to roast hot-dogs and marshmallows, make gorp (trail mix) play flashlight tag and tell ghost stories.

3.  She invited 15 girls… I figured based on past history not many people would show up.  Two rsvp’s the day after I sent the invites has me freaked the hell out.  We are gonna have to stack them like crackers in that camper.

4.  I am trying to convince my friend Carrie to come to the party with her daughter Chloe.  I am trying to convince her that we could station the “mommy tent” right outside the camper door and drink wine all night.  Sounds fun, no?  Love you Carrie!  Let’s have a tent party!

5.  Guess what?  My infusion is Monday.  As in THIS Monday.  In four days from now MONDAY.  Gah!

6.  I don’t want to be infusion sick.  Infusions make me feel like a truck hit me, backed over me, hit me again and also gave me the flu and a head cold.  I have an infusion Monday, and then again two weeks from that.

7.  It is all good though… because the other day was a really bad day…lots of pain.  I stopped filling out Carsten’s invites when I realized I could not remember our address.  You kinda need to know that when inviting people to your house.

8.  I quoted Dr Phil in a counseling session today.  FYI:  Therapists do NOT like this.

9.  I video taped Pico anointing the other day…. I will put it in the blog video section.  I did it foryou my Internets, because watching it makes me want to gack.  He is so adorable though, it kinda makes up for the creepiness of it, he was so super pumped to see grass again.

10.  Tomorrow Pico AND Mack are going outside!  Operation CAGE HOSE DOWN!  It is supposed to be 83 here tomorrow!  WOOT for Spring!



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