10 Bus Stop Facts

1. He has a toy mouse he drowns in the water bowl every day. Sometimes 5 times a day. No matter where I put it, he drowns it again. If I take it away, he will drag his next favorite toy to the water, which is a 4 foot long feathery cat toy. I stopped taking the mouse away.

2. His neurological disorder is called Cerebellar Hypoplasia. Basically, his mom was sick or malnourished when his brain was developing leaving him a perpetual wobbly-butt.

3. His favorite food is Lefse. He will rip off your face for this Norwegian potatoey pancakey delicacy.

4. He loves a clean litter box. He runs to the box when he hears me scooping and sometimes starts doing his job before my job is over.

5. He loves getting his picture taken. Most photogenic cat ever. Cat supermodel material.

6. He tries to figure out where voices are coming from when the phone is on speaker phone.

7. He loves being held like a baby.

8. He talks A LOT. Like all the live long day.

9. He is named Bus Stop because he was found abandoned at a bus depot.

10. He can carry his weight in muffins across an entire room.


3 thoughts on “10 Bus Stop Facts

  1. I’ve still never had lefse but now feel it should be a life goal to get some. Does BS have a favorite muffin type? I’m not above bribing him to love me with muffins when I come visit. And he really should be the centerfold of Cat Fancy!!


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