Test Kitchen

One of the perks of Billy’s new job is that we get to test out new products before they hit the market.

Yesterday I had to bake cookies and give feedback.


My first thought? If I wanted a strawberry sundae I’d just have one, I don’t think I want to eat it in a cookie.

Carsten was supposed to help me, but she didn’t feel well, so I had a different helper instead. Bus Stop mostly played with the drawstrings on my pj pants, but he did also lick up a few spills on the floor.

The dough was pretty easy to make, just a Tbsp of water and some butter.


Then next step was making shapes. I lost interest in this after about 10 seconds and mostly used cookie cutters.


Make sure you pay attention to your oven timer so your cookies don’t end up here:



At least I had one more cookie sheet. I did not try to watch reality tv while the second batch baked.


My reaction?
I wasn’t too fond of the strawberry dough. I did really like the vanilla. Making the cookies would’ve been way more fun with little kids, my kitten helper didn’t have a long attention span.

I heard a rumor that there are other flavors being tested, one of them being cookies and cream. That sounds a lot yummier.

Next time I get to be a test kitchen Marie wants to be my assistant and there will be wine!


2 thoughts on “Test Kitchen

  1. Wait…cookies and cream flavored cookie mix? Mind=blown. I mean…I like cookies and cream, but the point of cookies and cream is that they’re basically crushed oreos…hence the black and white color. I can see where this might have been a good idea but I’d just as soon have lost interest while watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills


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