No really

A GOOD Saturday! Seriously! I am NOT being sarcastic! Mar 30, ’07 11:15 PM
for Mel ‘s friends and Mel ‘s family
 It was a quiet day over here today! Quiet but happy! Don’t worry! I will tell you why!

Reason #1 ~ Do any of you have a pair of pants that are too small? But you keep them around anyway just hoping that someday they’ll fit? Like maybe after few consecutive weeks of exercise or a 7 day stomach flu? Well, I do! And I tried them on today and THEY FIT! Holy hell! What a great way to start the day!

Reason #2 ~ The house is clean! CL was having a playdate today (her first one since moving to SC, I know! Shame on me!) and she requested that I clean the house. How cool is THAT? A kid that WANTS a clean house! But, before you get all snarky, it isn’t like I have a messy house, but er, some parts are. Specifically one part, the stinky tweenage zone, also known as CJ’s room. CL even offered to clean her brother’s room for him! Isn’t that sweet? And a little disturbing? Well, CJ cleaned his room last night (because I threatened him with ear-twisting if he didn’t) and CL and I cleaned the rest of the house this morning. So, by mid-morning I had a clean and fantastic smelling house!

Reason #3 ~ CL’s friend came over! And besides be absolutely a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e, she also said lots of wonderful things to me like, “ya’alls house is SO BIG” and “CL’s Mommy? You smell really good!” and “I can’t believe you have a baby turtle! Cool!” AND “Ahhhh-oooo! Do I have to go home? It is SO fun here!”. AND the best part? She occupied CL the whole afternoon! So, for once? I didn’t get asked eleventy-nine questions on Saturday, because usually CL and I spend Saturday alone, which leads me to #4….

Reason #4 ~ BB and CJ went to karate! So, it was just me and the internet, reading YOUR blogs for hours! Without anyone saying…. “I’m bored!” or “What’s for lunch?” or “Can I buy a motorcycle?”. Yay!

Reason #5 ~ I bought a buncha flowers today! To plant in my window boxes! Cuz it is springish/summerish here! And, remember the seeds? They are baby plants ALREADY! So I am going to plant them in the ground tomorrow!

Reason #6 ~ Tommy Turtle has been swimming around ALL DAY! Okay, he still hides when he sees me, like this:

But I didn’t have to spend the whole day with my head upsidedown and sideways peering into the water to find him!

Reason #7 ~ I bought some snails! Hey! Don’t laugh! I admit that snails are not the most exciting pet ever, but they eat fish poop! And ANYTHING that makes less poop removal be required of me is FAN-freakin’-TASTIC! But also? Holy Moly! How long should they sit there without moving before I should get worried? How can you tell if a snail dies?????

Bonus points if you can find them in the picture!


And here’s MORE good news! If you want to come over for a visit? It won’t be all frustration and disappointment if you can’t find Tommy Turtle, because if you can find the snails in the picture, then you can find them when you get here! Because they probably won’t move! EVER! Even if it takes you weeks to get here!

Reason #8 ~ I have some Jack Daniel’s Hard Lemonade chillin’ in the fridge! And I am drinking one RIGHT NOW! AS! WE! SPEAK! Er, or, AS! I! TYPE! AND! YOU! READ!

All right! Enough happiness! I know! So out of character for me!


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