What is happening

What’s happening at my house…. May 7, ’07 11:42 PM
for Mel ‘s friends, Mel ‘s family and Mel ‘s online buddies

Or, I don’t have anything to really blog about so I am just gonna tell you a bunch of random stuff.

Last week the lawn guy finally finished his work on the hill of our front/back yard. I don’t really know what to call it, because it is really my back yard because it is NOT the entrance to my house, but it is the part of the yard that you see first when you come down the hill to my house. It is the only road in, so no one ever approaches from the other direction (because it is a cul de sac) so, it is the first impression everyone has of my house, so in that way it is more of a front yard. (God. How is it possible to babble that much about whether it is a front or back yard? I am such. a. dork.)

Anyhoodle. It is a tricky scenario, because it is a steep grade to the pond and we had tried leveling it and seeding it ourselves after Ricky finished the patio last winter, and all our work would just get washed down and away into the pond every time it rained. So, we hired a guy to come in a level it out, remove the rocks and hydromulch. They spray a mixture of grass seed, mulch and water onto the lawn and it dries and prevents the dirt from eroding before the grass seed germinates. So, here is what it looks like.

Also, you know how the cold is trying to kill me dead? Well, I haven’t been eating much, because I am having a hard time just trying not to cough up a lung, so food isn’t going to want to stay down there… but I had been trying to eat better (since everyone else was) (meaning I stopped drinking pop that wasn’t diet and having snickers bars for breakfast) and I have been drinking lots of water, because I am having foot cramps at night and google said that means I am dyhydrated. Anyway…. I know people have been talking a lot lately about weight issues and whatnot and I kinda feel like an ass even mentioning this, because it will probably make some of you hate me. But, I have issues too. I am the tallest in my family, and I have to deal with not being able to exercise and be active like everyone else in my family (because of my RA). So, anyway, periodically I am by far the heaviest in the family. And tallest, and it makes me feel huge. Even though, intellectually, I know I am not. Especially after I see my Mom, who is like a hundred pounds soaking wet and likes to gift me her “fat” clothes. So, anyway, today I reached a weight that I have not been at since, oh probably eighth grade. And I KNOW it is probably water weight and in a week I will be ten pounds heavier and I KNOW it probably isn’t healthy. But, if I am being honest, and I ALWAYS try to be honest here, it made me kinda giddy this morning seeing it. Please don’t hate me.

UGH. I will probably delete that whole part later. I still have parts of my body that I do not like. That I wish I could tone, but exercise is very difficult with RA. And there are plenty of people that are exercising now, trying to lose weight, that I think look totally beautiful and I would not change a thing about them. I think we all have some kind of issue, no matter what size we are, and I hope, hope, hope that me saying all of this won’t make some of you feel like, bitch, please! SHUT. UP. But, you probably will because even I want me to shut up now.


Two Canadian Geese had babies in my yard! And they have taken up residence! They are VERY protective and hiss at me if I get too close, which inevitably I do everyday when I go to spread corn for them… but they are SO CUTE. I just want to love them and hug them and squeeze them.


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