10 TT

Ten Thought Thursday Sep 5, ’07 11:13 PM
for Mel ‘s contacts
1. People have two reactions to Mack. They either think he is the coolest pet ever and I am the coolest person ever to have him for a pet. Or they think I am freakin’ insane. There is no middle ground.

2. Mack is getting more comfortable in his surroundings… he is coming out to play earlier at night, and making some new noises while he plays. I even held him in my hand for a few seconds last night. I still think we are a long way from being bonded, he still makes the scared squeaky sound during the day, and wow. Being patient sucks.

3. It is too late to sign up for any classes this fall. Damnit. I hate that I am such a procrastinator.

4. Cody was in the paper yesterday! The Cosmosphere must have sent out a press release to our local paper, because we didn’t even know it was going to be in there! One of Cody’s teachers told him he was in the paper! He was SO excited!

5. Tonight is gymnastics… have I mentioned that I feel much better about it lately? There are actually girls much older than Carsten at the same skill level as her, so she fits in perfectly. Yay!

6. I sent Mandi a box, two weeks ago today, packed FULL of clothes for Zay. She still hasn’t gotten it. I sent her TWO boxes and the first box got there 9 days ago. So, I don’t think there is much hope the other box is EVER going to get there. Stupid Post Office. 😦

7. I am freakin’ addicted to candy bars. I feel like I NEEEEEEED to have one everyday after lunch. Like lunch isn’t complete without a candy bar dessert…. 300 pounds, here I come!

8. Snails grow freakingly fast. The babies already don’t look like babies. I feel like I blink and they look bigger. What am I going to do with all these snails?!?!?!

9. Door opening sucks. No matter how hard I try to get there early, it ALWAYS feels like a mad scramble to get the kids inside before 7:35.

Yesterday one of the Mom’s got bitched out by a parent, for their kid being late. And she just stood there and took it. I said, errrrr, HELL NO. I am not a proper southern lady, so when they complain to me? I tell them to get out of their car and show me how they can do a better job. This morning I opened doors with clenched teeth. SOOOOO many parents ignore the rules. One parent parked in the secretary’s spot, but she pulled in right behind him and when he got out of his car she told him to move, so he moved his truck to the handicap spot. Grrrrr. Think he had a handicap sticker? Nope, he didn’t! Then?!?! Five kids got out of his truck, and it wasn’t an extended cab. Just one bucket seat, and last time I checked, there were NOT six seat belts in ONE bucket seat. When he walked past us I said, Excuse me, Sir? We have signs in the parking lot for a REASON. Did you have trouble reading them? and he said, Errrrr. No, I can read them. And I said, well, try setting a better example for your children and follow the rules. Gah. I predict a disgruntled parents jumps me a la Jerry Springer before Christmas break.

10. Ever since yesterday’s blog I cannot stop thinking about label makers. I even had a dream about one last night. I neeeeeeeed one. Everywhere I turn I see things that could be labeled. How pathetic would it be if I made a special trip to the nearest Sam’s Club (an hour away) to get one?


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