Library Wednesday Sep 4, ’07 11:19 PM
for Mel ‘s contacts
Today was my first day working in the Elementary School Library. By “work” I mean I volunteer, I don’t get paid. Unless, of course, you count those mini butterfinger candy bars the librarian kept shoving into my hand.

So, after door opening duty, I reported to the library. There are two librarians, after about five minutes I concluded that they have a good cop/bad cop kind of partnership going. The bad cop librarian makes sure everyone is quiet and know the rules. She is scary. Seriously… I didn’t even want to walk past her in case I did it wrong! The good cop librarian makes you want to come back and check out books again, even if it means you have to see the bad cop librarian.

Anyhoodle… today I learned about all the different sections of the library, how the books are organized, how to check out books, how to check in books, etc… I also got to make some labels for the books (WOOT! LABEL MAKER!) and affix them to the books. ((BTW I TOTALLY had to contain myself and not laugh out loud when good cop librarian asked me if I knew what a label maker was? KNOW? Lady, I could have INVENTED that thing!)) Before I left I helped some kids find books they were looking for and I dusted some shelves.

Might not sound TOO exciting to MOST people, but it was a freaking dream come true for me. I like QUIETplaces. I like BOOKS. I like ORGANIZATION. I like to LABEL THINGS! So, for me? This was more relaxing than an hour long massage would be. Also? There was that cute little boy who held his mouth open in shock for a full five minutes when I told him no, I really AM NOT 18 young man, I am 32!! That part helped too!

I can’t wait to go back again NEXT week!


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