Potentially Good News…

This was originally posted on Stacey’s blog.


(this is Mel again)

Okay people!  Potentially good news today!

This morning Stacey got back a blood test result that showed that her level of B12 was significantly low.  Because Stacey’s platelet count is also still low, she will be getting a platelet transfusion today (platelets are involved in blood clotting, so it is important that before she gets the injection that she has high level of platelets.)  As soon as her platelet count is up, she will be getting a B12 injection.  It may take 2-3 days for the injection to improve her blood counts, but if her numbers are up after a few days than that means that a B12 deficiency was responsible for everything that is happening.  Her OB said she has never seen this happen before, but the Hematologist has seen this.  Both doctors seemed upbeat today and gave Stacey a lot of encouragement.

They are postponing the bone marrow biopsy until they determine if the B12 injection helped.  If it is a B12 deficiency, then they will NOT have to take the baby early.

I read her all of your comments, and she was touched by all the sweet things everyone said, on my page and on hers.  Mandi and Michelle were able to visit her last night too, and she talked about being so appreciative that so many people have been supportive and caring.  Stacey said I could give out her hospital information, but not to post it here.  So, if you want to know it, send me a message (http://melgee.multiply.com/) and I will provide you the information.  Because the doctor’s are worried about infection, she cannot leave her room now without a mask, and she is not able to receive fresh flowers, plants, or any kind of fruit. 

Stacey also wanted me to say that she is being VERY well taken care of at the hospital.  The nurses have been SO nice, and this morning she even got a foot massage with essential oils! 

So, let’s all keep praying, chanting, crossing our fingers or whatever you are doing.  Maybe it is working?  Thanks everybody!


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