A message about Stacey

This was originally posted on Stacey’s blog.

Hello everyone… this is Mel, in case you don’t know me, I am one of Stacey’s friends from, well… just a long time ago.

I have not hacked into her site, I am writing this at her request.

Stacey was admitted to the hospital last night.  There is something going on with her blood counts, and the doctors are not sure what is wrong.  She has had two blood transfusions since last night.  She is feeling good, and the baby is doing great, but the doctors are insistent that they find out what is wrong.  Stacey is having a bone marrow biopsy on Monday morning, and will get the results back 24-48 hours after the procedure.  The doctors have administered steroid shots to the baby, and they are tentatively planning on taking him by c-section sometime around or after she reaches 32 weeks, which is a week and half from now.

Stacey is in good spirits, she has a positive attitude that amazes me.  She is remaining upbeat and doesn’t want anyone to worry, she just wanted all of you that love her to know what is going on.  She is at a wonderful hospital and everything she has told me reassures me that she is getting the best medical care possible.

I forgot to ask if she wanted me to give out any information about where she is staying or how to reach her, but I will be calling her back in the morning… so you can send me a message if you like, and I will relay it to her.  She is hoping to be able to access the internet sometime tomorrow as well.

My site is http://melgee.multiply.com/  Just send me a private message.

She didn’t ask me to say this, but I am saying it anyway…. please pray for her and the baby.  She deserves all the health and happiness the world has to offer, and maybe all of us praying our hearts out will help just a little.


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