Monday mumblings…


Monday Mumblings…. Feb 11, ’08 10:57 AM
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1)  Windi inspired me to sit outside today with my laptop Pinky.  The weather is beautiful here, in the fifties and sixties with lots of sun.  This is my view from my cushy chair on the patio.  There is my wee sidekick Murphy… he follows me EVERYWHERE lately.  Not because he loves me, but because I always share my food with him.  But, as I told Windi… don’t hate because of my weather… because it might be nice here, but the people still suck!

2)  I always thought I wanted a friend that had RA or a disease similar to RA, since we could identify with each other, and I wouldn’t have to explain why I am the way I am sometimes.  But now that I have one, I have found out that it kinda sucks.  Because one of us is always feeling shitty, or is being scatter-brained or unreliable, or cancelling because we feel like shat biscuits. AND?  We never do it at the SAME TIME. 

3) Which brings me to the fact that I was supposed to get my hair cut today, and then Shelby (my hairdresser and only friend here) and I were going to go out to lunch.  Well, actually my appt was last week, but I re-scheduled because the ‘rents were here.  But she was scatter-brained and forgot we cancelled and re-scheduled, and she feels so shitty today she can’t squeeze me in.  *sigh  I was really looking forward to seeing her, and going out to lunch with her.

4)  You know those kinds of children, that you can NEVER leave alone, because they are always taking apart the remote control or sticking a pb and j sandwich into the VCR or climbing up on the dining room table and using the curtain to swing across the room like Tarzan?  The kind of kid that you think you may not survive their toddler-hood because your wee weak heart cannot take the stress?  Velcro is Sugar Glider version of ONE. OF. THOSE. KINDS. OF. KIDS.   GAH!!!!!

5) Everytime I look in his side of the cage, Velcro is taking something apart or tasting some foreign object or free falling from the top of a stick.  I feel like I need to make him a version of a padded room in a psych ward, with only soft objects to play with and maybe a wee tiny Sugar Glider straight jacket.  Because how the FRACK do you baby proof for a Sugar Glider?!?!



6) When my Mom was here, she made these adorable pouches for the Sugar Gliders.  We used a cheap-o $4.97 blankey from Wal-Mart and bought all sorts of fun trim.  They are SO soft and cozy, and they LOVE them!  I wish she had made a giant version for ME!  Anyhoodle, she made me four, so I can switch them out and wash them!  WOOT!


7) Is it insane that I get so excited about Sugar Glider accessories?  Am I turning into a Sugar Glider version of a crazy cat lady?

8)  So, people keep asking if Mack and Velcro have met, and they haven’t yet.  This past weekend we were going to build the little screens for the inside of their cages (so they could see each other but not touch each other) but we got too busy.  We are going to try to get it done one night this week.  I know they can smell and hear each other… but I am sorry to report there have been no exciting meetings yet.  You HAVE to know that I will VLOG that so you all can share in the excitement. 

9) Here is a quick peek at what their enclosure looks like, so you can see the wall and visualize where the framed screen will be.  They will each have one on their side, built with 1×2’s and wire screen, so there will be a couple inches of space in between each frame.  Crap.  I wish I could draw you a picture.

This is a front view of their cage:








This is Velcro’s side, the wall that separates them is on the left side of this picture:











This is Mack’s side…. see the cute little mousey toy?  I pulled it out of his pouch, so you could see it.  Almost everyday Mack drags it into his pouch so he can sleep cuddled up with it!  Everyone say it together…. AWWWWW!











Okay… I know you must be on Sugar Glider overload now… I promise not to talk about them for a few……. errrr……… hours.  Haha.

10)  Guess what?!?!  My littlest sister is coming to visit!  She is going to get here the day after my birthday!  NEXT WEEK!  Woot! YAY! Woot!  It will be the first time she has been here, and I am so excited to see her.

And a BONUS thought!

11) I know I have been gone a lot lately… I think I have mentioned before that I have a tendancy to isolate when I feel bad, when my RA starts to flare.  I know we don’t actually SEE each other, but I guess what I have been doing is kinda like isolating from all of you too.  I admit that I get down, and irrationally sad when I am in lots of pain… and I just don’t want to freak everyone out with the crabby sad Mel, I like being the witty sassy Mel and I HATE when I get like this.  I wish I could be more like Stacey… positive and strong.  I am learning from her, all about what grace and strength are…. but HOLY!  It is REALLY hard.  And it makes me admire her courage and strength even more.  So, please don’t freak when I am gone for a few days.  I am just having a pity party for one, and I will snap out of it eventually… I promise.


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