Friday Funk


Friday Funk and FTC Shirts Mar 7, ’08 12:35 PM
for Mel ‘s contacts

Sooooooo… my funk isn’t JUST because American Idol sucked this week.  I am not THAT addicted to a reality tv show.  There is other stuff going on too, at home… and it is also raining here again today.  I like rainy days, it means lots of water for the kabillion thirsty bulbs I just planted and who doesn’t like the fact that a cloudy day makes your house seem cleaner?  But rainy days mean my joints swell… a lot.  And it has been rainy a lot lately.  I get so tired of being exhausted from the pain.



Now, for some happier stuff…

Lookit this picture I took of myself yesterday!  Remember my cute short boots?  Every time I wear them I want to take three thousand pictures of them.  They are TMTH!


I was trying to get a picture of the sides of the boots that didn’t have the zipper and that was WAAAAAAAY harder than it looks!  Right after this picture snapped I about fell on my face!!  I make myself laugh!  I had so much fun taking silly pictures of myself!



Know what else I did yesterday?  I googled smokey eye make up and practiced different how to’s looks.  I am such a girl.  I took of my eye make up three or four times, just playing around.  And guess what?  I didn’t even go anywhere yesterday!  All cute and sassy and no where to go!  Such a shame.



Now… about the FTC shirts.

 Things are moving right along.  T-shirt guy says he is going to make the shirts for cost only, so we can sell them for more and fundraise some money for Stac.  I talked with Stac about it and we are going to sell them for $15 a piece.  It cost t-shirt guy $5 a shirt to make them, so we will make $10 for Stac with every shirt we sell.  We can only have two colors (to keep the cost down) so we are going to try to do two colors that could be worn by both men AND women.  Now, about the ordering.  I misunderstood a little, about how he ships the orders.  He does an order of 36 shirts at a time (with any combination of sizes) and then he ships the whole order.  So… I think what we will happen is, I will post the picture of the shirts and I will take orders.  The cost to buy a shirt will be $18, that way Stac still gets $10 a shirt and I have enough to cover shipping.  I will of course, keep track of how much everything costs… so that if I have money left over after paying for shipping – that will go to Stac too. 

Then, at the beginning of May I will order a TON of shirts (and just pay for them myself) and then we will sell them at the benefit.  I figured since I have three sisters, and they are all probably coming to the benefit, we could just have a table set up where we will sell them.  Then, at some point during the benefit, maybe I could give Stac the check with all the profits we made.

Now… if anyone else wanted to sell the shirts too?  Maybe we could make up an order form kinda like they do for school fundraisers…. then you could send the order form to me and I could process your order.  It would get confusing if we all ordered from him individually, and he can’t even do that for orders less than 36 shirts.  Am I making sense?  I don’t mind doing any of this, so just let me know what you think.

T-shirt guy was busy doing shirts for some tournament this week, that is why I don’t have any pictures for you yet.  I am hoping we will have something by next week.

Have a good weekend everybody!



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