Our Leprechaun Trap

Our Leprechaun Trap! Mar 16, ’08 8:15 PM
for Mel ‘s contacts

Well, after a few days of panic about what I was going to do, and a frustrating trip to Wally World in which a Wal-Mart associate enjoyed a little laughter at my expense, and then a patience testing evening of Carsten and I cutting, gluing and constructing…….. we are FINALLY done with our Leprechaun Trap!

Even though I whined and moaned to Leslie (http://momof2girlies.multiply.com/) about her evil vlog and about Carsten watching her vlog and then NOT. LEAVING. ME. ALONE. until we built a Leprechaun Trap had made me HATE Leslie…. I was just joking.   I don’t hate you Les!  And it was actually quite fun. 

Our trap was not all technical like SOME PEOPLE.  Basically our trap consists of the wee tiny green man falling into a hole.

I am STILL not sure about what happens now… are we SUPPOSED to catch a Leprechaun?  (because I am a pretty good Mom, but I am fairly certain I can’t produce a real live Leprechaun.) Does the Leprechaun leave Carsten something?  Or just spring the trap and escape?  And apparently Leslie has not stopped laughing for long enough to answer my message and TELL me what happens now. 

I still have a day to figure it out, since the Leprechauns won’t even be out until midnight tonight doncha know… (I didn’t know either… I made it up.)  SOOOOOOO, if anyone has any ideas about what happens now.  PLEASE TELL ME.


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