Friday Funk

  Friday Funk and FTC Shirts Mar 7, ’08 12:35 PM for Mel ‘s contacts Sooooooo… my funk isn’t JUST because American Idol sucked this week.  I am not THAT addicted to a reality tv show.  There is other stuff going on too, at home… and it is also raining here again today.  I like … More Friday Funk

Look at my RAK!

  HEY! Come look at my RAK! Mar 3, ’08 8:15 AM for Mel ‘s contacts It started last December… while I was flitting about town, looking for people to help me get Stacey’s gift to her by Christmas.  In the months that followed that incredible example of Christmas Spirit I continued to witness Stacey’s impact on people.  … More Look at my RAK!

FTC Shirts

  FTC Shirts! Mar 1, ’08 11:21 AM for everyone     Hi!!!! My sister Cara (Sam on Multiply) called me this morning with some news.  The first news was that she just ordered her donation kit from!  Woot for my sister!  The second thing she had to tell me was that she had … More FTC Shirts