FTC Shirts

FTC Shirts May 12, ’08 8:28 PM
for everyone

The first order is in!

Terry informed me (thru my sister) that he IS able to make shirts in sz 2XL and 3XL.  So, maybe that would make a difference to those of you that said XL would not be the right size for you or your spouse/significant other/friend.

I need to get another order in as soon as possible, if anyone is hoping to have a size guarenteed to pick up at the benefit.  Also, if you are thinking you may want to buy a shirt at the benefit it would be helpful if you could let me know what size you might want.  I am not going to hold it for you unless you want me to, I just need a little input on what sizes and what amount of shirts I should get for the benefit.  You can leave a comment, send me a pm, or e mail me at melgeebo@gmail.com.

I have made arrangements to have a table at the benefit, to sell the shirts.  If anyone thinks they might want to help me out, I figure we could just take turns… making sure one of us is always sitting there.  I don’t think I need to make a schedule… my sisters and parents are attending the benefit too, so I am pretty sure that no one is gonna leave me hanging, but I would appreciate it if you just let me know if you think you might want to help me out.

Also, I wanted to send another shout out to Terry The T-shirt Guy!  I was worried about how many shirts to get and paying up front for all of them… since 100 shirts would mean $500 out of pocket for me.  Well, Terry has graciously offered to make the shirts without me paying all the money up front.  His comment to my sister was something like, “I am not worried about getting paid, I know I will get paid when you sell the shirts, so it isn’t a problem.”

Gah.  What a wonderful guy, right?


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