FTC Shirts

Blog Entry The FTC shirts! May 21, ’08 8:55 AM
for everyone

Here is my cute little sister Cara wearing her FTC shirt! (PS.  It is crazy hair day at the school where she is a teacher.)











Didn’t they turn out spectaculous?!?!  









I cried when I saw this picture this morning, even though I knew what they were going to look like.  I just can’t believe they are finally done!  And they look so fantasterrificul!!! (can you tell I am excited????)

Cara is wearing her shirt today, trying to sell some more shirts to the people she works with.  Isn’t that sweet of her? 

She really should be getting all of the credit for the FTC shirts, it was her talking to Terry about Stacey that ispired Terry to offer to make the shirts for us.  She has helped so much, I could not have done any of this without her. 

She is the bestest sister in the world, she has the biggest heart and makes such a difference in so many peoples lives.  I love you Cara!  Thank you for everything you have done!


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