Are you ready?

Sorry I have been MIA, for a variety of reasons this move is going to be a hard one.  I am trying not to let my inner stress monkey escape… but I suck at keeping my monkey in the cage.  House-hunting, trip planning, all of relocation stuff… the time frame for everything?  GAH!

Guess what?  The FTC shirts are done.  I should have a picture for you tomorrow!  My sister is supposed to take a picture of them tonight and send me one.  She said that I am SOOOOO going to cry when I see them.  That they turned out even better than she expected.

In case you are wondering….. I haven’t been writing Stacey updates because it has been really hard for me.  For whatever reason, all of a sudden, I am a freakin basketcase whenever I call.  Maybe it is because it has been so long since I talked to Stacey, almost three weeks now.  I don’t know.  I will do it again, when and if they need me… but I don’t think they will be.  Peggy has been doing a great job, and she is much better at letting everyone know exactly what is going on.

A little over a week and we will be at the benefit.  I can’t wait to see so many of my friends including my best friend, and my sisters, my parents, … and all of Stacey’s family.  Did you know the first guy I kissed was Stacey’s cousin?  And that my the guy I had my longest relationship with in high school was best friends with another of Stacey’s cousins?  And ANOTHER of Stacey’s cousins was a close friend?  And I used to play bingo with Stacey and her Grandma?  It is going to be so weird to see all of them again, a few of them I haven’t seen for 15 years.  And the idea of having so many people that are close to me, all in one place? Some of them meeting me or each other for the first time?  And Mandi, Rikki, both Michelles, Anne, Potsy, and Jill all getting to meet my parents, my niece AND all three of my sisters.  Kinda mind boggling, no?

Well, that is all for now.  Check back tomorrow, for the shirt picture!


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