My weekend ~ I have been BUSY!! May 25, ’08 6:45 PM
for Mel ‘s friends, Mel ‘s family and Mel ‘s online buddies

I am taking a break from the list of 790 houses (ok, maybe it is only 54 and NOT 790, but whatever!!)  that I need to narrow down to a reasonable number so I can house hunt while I am in MN.  Christ on a cracker, I CANNOT keep stuff straight…. which one has a walk-out basement?  Which one has a fireplace?  Is there a pet restriction?   Is it a model home that hasn’t even been built yet?  GAAAAAAAAAH! 

For a while today I was doing what I ALWAYS do when I am feeling stressed or anxiety about something else……… I ORGANIZE!  Weeee!  I was using my label maker to sort and organize my cards.  Thank – you cards, Invites, and Birthday cards….. OH MY!  Some of the cards had long since lost their spouses (their envelopes) and so I was using my craftlite cutter to cut the cards down.  That way I could marry them off to their second husband (a new envelope) and give them a spot in my card organizer.  BUT THEN, my butt fell asleep and my back/neck started hurting so I decided to work on something else!



And THAT brings me to my biggest project of the weekend ~ Carsten’s dance pictures.  Carsten is going to miss her dance recital this year (because it was on the same day as the benefit) and so I promised her that I would give her an extended photo shoot, done by ME!  The photographer that dance provided was only going to take pics of her in one outfit, and probably spend about 2 minutes with her – because that is how long he gave her last year. 

So…. anyhoodle!  We did her hair and make up and I used my big brain to come up with a backdrop (because I am too cheap to just buy myself a backdrop, which HELLO?  would be MUCH easier!) and then I took 78 pictures!!  (and no, I am not exaggerating, I really took 78!!) 


Picture #1 (baton)


I have been spending LOTS of time editing the pictures with this new program I have.  I am going to have some of them printed and I think I will make a calendar too.  So far I have finished editing about 20 of them.  Don’t worry…. I will not make you look at all 20…. just a few of my favorites.



Picture #2 (jazz)


Picture #3 (baton) 

Picture #4 (ballet)


Picture #5 (jazz)


Picture #6 (tap)


Picture #7 (baton)


Picture #8 (ballet)


I can also add clipart.  I did one that was HILARIOUS where she had big buck teeth, hairy ears, big huge glasses, and she was wearing a halo.  Ummmm, she did NOT think it was funny.  Oopsie!  heehee  I promised her that we could do a picture like that with one of Cody’s pictures, so she is not mad at me.  Yay!  So, I did another picture just for fun… and this one she DOES like!


Picture #9 (animals)


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