Yesterday (stac)

Yesterday Jun 1, ’08 3:45 PM
for Mel ‘s friends, Mel ‘s family and Mel ‘s online buddies

Just a quick update to say that yesterday went phenominally. 

We met at the hospital in the morning, Michelle (mlk), Michelle (of living in MN Michelle), Mandi, Rikki, Katie, Kristi, Diane, Anne and her hubs, my sister Cara and the kids (B, Carsten, Katie’s baby and Cody)  I went in first to tell Stac who was there, and get clear about how many people she wanted to see (EVERYONE) and for how long (a few minutes each.)  Then I went back out and got Mandi, and she and I took the quilt in.  I don’t think Stacey understood at first that the quilt was for her…. or that we all made an individual square.  I think she was just so overwhelmed at the idea that it was all for her.  She even asked me, “So, I get to keep the quilt?”  GAH!  OF COURSE YOU DO!  She is just so sweet and adorable.  Mandi and I hung the quilt up on the folded up bed that her Mom sleeps on.  So, she could look over all day and see it.  She got tired really fast, because she tries SO hard to talk to each person that came in… to thank them for the quilt and for coming….

When Cody went in (she hasn’t seen him in a year and a half) she told him that he needed a hair cut…. so later that day he went and did it!  He got all his long hair cut off!  My sister took him, and when she walked into the benefit with him, I almost fell down!  He is the most awesome kid ever.

Anyway…. we were only at the hospital for an hour or two and then it was time to go get ready for the benefit.

The benefit was awesome… I will write a much longer entry later because there is SO much to say… but in short, in was a HUGE success.  We didn’t sell ALL of the shirts I had ordered, but we made almost $1,600!!  $500 of that goes to Terry the T-shirt Guy to pay for making the shirts, so that leaves almost $1,100 that will go to Stacey!  I am SO proud!  All of the internets, and my family, helped me SO much with everything.  It was one of the best days of my life.  Just seeing all those people there to support Stacey, and getting to tell Stac’s hubs K how much money we had made.  SO. COMPLETELY. AWESOME.

Alright!  Michelle and I are off to the Mall of America with my kids!  Talk to you all later!


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