Sand is crunchy!


Sand is crunchy. Jun 24, ’08 4:30 PM
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Last Friday was the day that Cara (my sister) and Sadie (Cara’s gf) arrived… and the day did NOT start smoothly.  Wanna guess what airline Cara flew? AirTran.  Heh.  Remember my Dear AirTran blog?


Instead of making Cara endure a day full of delays and stress, I decided to just buy Cara a ticket on an airline NOT staffed with pathological liars.  So, after she called me to tell me she was going to be REALLY late, and whilst she was arguing with AirTran, I secretly called NWA and booked Cara on Sadie’s flight.  So, she got to Charlotte right on time AND with Sadie!

But then it took us FOR-FLUCKING-EVAH to get out of Charlotte.  It took us about 45 minutes to drive just a few miles, down a jam packed slow crawling stop light excessive road.  Between my intense inclinations to throw down some road rage and the 12 police cars we saw within about 100 miles, my poor heart was pumping more adreneline than a pissed off ‘roid raging body builder.

Anyhoodle, we got to Myrtle Beach all safe and whatnot, but then Becky led us astray.  We got lost.  LOSSSSSST.  But, eventually figured out where we were thanks to a man we confronted in a gas station!  Our weapon?  A map!  Look at this map Mister, and tell us where to go!

Then YAY!  Off to the correct hotel we went!

OH!  PS!  Here is Becky!



So, we got to the hotel, and the room had a spectaclar view.  That cured my crankiness.  I luff the ocean, it is so pretty.



The next morning Sadie went for a run and freaked us all out.  She did not come back for HOURS… and we could not figure what could have happend?  Hint! – Becky was NOT the ONLY navigational system gone wonky!  

Turns out Sadie was lost and running through trailer parks and dead ends and residential…. way back to the hotel.  Poor Sadie… me thinks she needs to either run in a straight line or leave a trail of breadcrumbs.

Meanwhile Cara and I decided (not correctly) that we should NOT be freaking out, that Sadie is a marathon runner and was probably just enjoying a LONG run and not lost.  Cara and Cody decided to take a walk on the beach and Carsten and I decided to take a dip in the ocean.  We left Sadie a note on the bed, telling her where we went.



It was a little cold, but it was nice to spend some time on the beach and have it almost all to ourselves.  Carsten and I hung out until it started to rain, and by the time we made it back to the room Cara, Cody and Sadie were all there too.  We all got changed and went over to the hotel arcade.  We played some games and then had some lunch.  After lunch, the sun showed up late for work and we headed to the beach.

It was windy, and it took me a couple times relocating my beach mat before I was sufficiently satisfied with our location and stuff.  Everyone splashed in the ocean, and I contemplated how I could have forgotten about my hatred of sand. 

How EXACTLY does one get sand in their mouth when you are NOT talking to anyone and your mouth is NOWHERE near the sand?  And WHY can I NOT resist chewing the sand once it is in my mouth?  Hmmm?  Who’s got answers?



Anyhoodle, we stayed on the beach until early afternoon.  Then we went back to the room and Cara and Sadie took a nap.  During their nap there was a freakin monsoon, iIt got dark, thundered and there was freaky sideways rain.  When you are bored in a hotel room, with nothing to do but chew sand, it turns out that rain is pretty fascinating.

After the rain stopped we went to play mini-golf… and then went to dinner at the resort.  There was a house band patiently murdering one top 40 hit after another, but the food was REALLY yummy.  Much better than the sand.

After dinner Cara, Sadie, and Cody walked to an beachside amusement park about six blocks down from our hotel and Carsten and I went to one of the hotel pools.  At the pool Carsten implemented her sure-fire friend making formula.

Step #1 – Approach parents and tell them their kid is cute, or ask them if that is their kid and point at kid.

Step #2 – Tell parent your age and your name.  Spell name.

Step #3 – Ask parent their kid’s name and age.  Ask them to spell name.

Step #4 – Repeat child’s name and age, spelling it if you can remember… then tell them your name and your age.  Spell name.  Ask kid if they want to play.

Step #5 – Repeat process whenever new people enter pool.  Then take responsibility for introuducing all people to each other.

Sunday we woke up early, and returned to the beach while Sadie went for a run (she didn’t get lost this time!)  After her run, Sadie joined us on the beach, where we frolicked in the waves, looked for seashells, studied the dead jellyfish and laid in the sun.  When the wind started picking up and they put up undertow warning flags we packed up the beachcart and headed to the hotel waterpark.  There was a huge splashy kid area where Carsten repeated her friendship formula, while Cara, Cody and Sadie floated on the Lazy River and went down the water slides.  I laid in the sun and watched Carsten play.



We went back to the room and ate lunch.  We rested for a while and then Cody, Cara, and Sadie went to a different water park and Carsten and I went back to the pool.  It got cloudy again that evening, so we showered and then went to Fazoli’s (cara’s favorite place to eat) for dinner.  On our way back to the hotel we stopped at one of the 8,000 souvenier shops. 

Then Monday we woke up and packed up and came back home… it was Cara’s birthday, she turned 28!  I made her bbq chicken sandwihces for dinner, and then we celebrated with cake and ice cream!


This morning I woke up at the asscrackalackin of dawn (2:45am) and took them back to the airport.  Surprisingly, AirTran behaved and neither Cara or Sadie had any flight problems… they were both home before lunch.

I got back to the house around 7am, and slept for almost two hours before Carsten and the telephone decided I was finished sleeping.  I am sooooo tired.  A little while ago I put some frozen pretzels in the cheese drawer in the fridge and put the phone in the freezer.  Mayhap I need a nap?

OH!  I almost forgot!  I got pulled OVER for speeding on the way home!  And did NOT have my registration OR proof of insurance inside the brand new Becky.  GOOD TIMES!  I must have cracked the cop code because the southern drawling cop told me “not to freak out” and gave me a warning.  Thankyoubabyjesus!

So, that was my weekend.  I am tired… but it was so nice to see the ocean one more time before I move to the frozen tundra and to see it with my sister.


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